Prices and Specs

Due to some cabinet delays from the wood shop, and the Pandemic, our amplifiers are running about 45 to 60 days LATER then originally projected.
This is totally out of our control. Please keep this in mind.


The "Chicago" and "Delta Sonic" amps
from Mission Amps can be ordered any time. 
Master amp builder Bruce Collins has designed them from the ground up to to be the most
exceptional and economical pro-level small and mid-sized harp amps on the planet.

In standard form, the Chicago amp is a 2x6L6, rated very conservatively at 32 watts in fixed bias and over 20 watts in cathode bias.
In fixed bias mode We've measured + 38 watts while playing through a speaker!

Chicago 32-20 comes with two 6L6s power tubes, one 12AX7 and one 12AY7.
32 watt or +20 watts in the same chassis, 2x10" with upgraded speakers is about 40  lbs.

A 50 watt version is available for only $99.00 more.

Delta Sonic 15 amps come with two 6V6 power tubes and one 12AY7.
15 watts in a 24 lb, light weight compact sized cabinet. 

The new Delta Sonic "Pro", a +20 watt transformer version of the DS15, about 29lbs with ALL the upgrades and an Eminence Lil" Buddy 10" speaker, is available.

Chicago Harp Amp Series:

Two tone 1 x 12"        (H) 18'' x (W) 22'' x (D) 10-1/2''           $1699.99 
*The 1x12 is only available in the 2 tone cream and brown/red.*

Tweed 2 x 10"        (H) 18'' x (W) 22'' x (D) 10 1/2''                $1729.99
 ***see below for subbing a 10" AlNiCo speaker for the std Quam 10" speaker***

Add $99.00 for any of these Chicago series amp configurations in a 50 watt version

Chicago series amps:

Shipping, handling and insurance prices are always rising.
We can no longer absorb these additional fees from FedEx or UPS.

$90.00 to the lower 48 USA!
HI and AK are priced separately.
These additional shipping costs are not included in any prices.


Standard Delta Sonic 15

1x10",  2x6V6s and a 12AY7EH  <15 watts
Delta Sonic 15 cabinet is:     (H) 16-5/8'' X (W) 18'' X (D) 8-3/4''

Has killer harp tone and plenty loud enough for all small and mid size venues!
Nice compact size, light and easily carried cabinet!
Simple to use, Volume, Tone, fixed level Line Out and optional tone and boost switch.

Tweed DS15CB, Cathode Biased, Jensen C10Q  .....      $999.99
Tweed DS15CB, Cathode Biased, Lil' Buddy 10" .....      $1089.99
Tweed DS15FB, Adjustable Fixed Bias Option    ......     +$59.99
The 3 position, "Sonic Booster" switch is available in any DS15 model.   +$49.99

1X12" cabinet with 12" speaker option is available for an additional $129.00



Tweed DS20-Pro mod, +20 watts! 
Larger, more powerful, +20 watt transformers, adjustable Fixed Bias,
the 3 position Sonic Booster Switch and the Lil' Buddy 10" speaker installed in the DS15.
Easy +20 watts output, and totally gigable!!   


Shipping/ handling and insurance costs:

Delta Sonic 15, 1x10" amps:
Shipping, handling and insurance prices are always rising.
We can no longer absorb these additional fees from FedEx or UPS.

$80.00 Shipping, handling and insurance to the lower USA.
HI and AK are priced separately
These additional shipping costs are not included in any prices.

Dimensions are approximate and all product PRICES are subject to change without notice. Inflation has caused supply prices to vaay wildly!

Call or email us for pricing and availability on any special order items.


Chicago Series Amps
Standard 1x12 and all amps with a 12" speaker use a 12" Eminence Cannabis Rex speaker.
Standard 2x10 cabinet uses a mix of a Jensen C10Q ceramic with a 10" ceramic Lil' Buddy.
The Classic Weber VST 10" AlNiCo 10A125-0 smooth cone (P10Q type) speaker is a +$100.00 option.
The 10" Eminence Legend 1028 speaker is a $69.00 option
Custom purchased 3x10 cabinet uses two 10" Lil Buddy speakers with an Eminence Legend 1028,
or the Jensen reissue P10Q smooth cone option for $89.00 more.

Delta Sonic 15 Amps
The "standard" Delta Sonic 15 amps uses the reissue Jensen C10Q ceramic. 
The Lil' Buddy 10" is a +$80.00 upcharge in the Delta Sonic amps
A Weber Sig 10A can be used for an upcharge of $42.00
A Classic Weber VST 10A125-0 is an upcharge of $110.00, Killer Tone!
The Delta Sonic DS15-Pro at +20 watts output uses only the 10" Lil' Buddy speaker.

Here are some of the Chicago 32-20 and 50 features:

-Two power models, 32-20 watts or 50-26 watts in multiple cabinet configurations, 
  1x12, 2x10. Custom cabinet sizes are available with a special order, 1x15, 3x10, or 12-10 combo. 
  Built in modest sized late 50's Tweed pine cabinets.
Just like the originals from the 50's

Other cabinet and speaker configurations can be made available, call or email for more info.

-Heavy duty steel chassis, powder coated in white'ish biege with dark brown inking and dark brown knobs

-All hand wired point-to-point with a hand made eyelet board, by a master amp builder. Beautifully crafted.

-Every finished amp is rigorously tested by a pro player.

- Comes with a one year limited Warranty.

-Cloth-covered solid core wiring. Real vintage style wiring.

-Optional, NOS military-grade Paper in Oil, tone capacitors is avalable. Greasy dark, warm, lush tone.

-Very hip, DEEP Switch in the Chicago series for fatter tone. A Mission Amps proprietary feature.

-Power tubes are switchable from Fixed Bias to Cathode Biased in the Chicago series.

-Beefy high current power transformer.  Powerful, overbuilt, excellent power and solid bottom end,

-All models use custom made, High-Q, high wattage, American made output and power transformers.
-Preamp is Optimized for bullet mics (including crystal), Shure SM57, RE-10 and other microphones.
BlowsMeAway mic products are especially good with the Mission harp amps.
The High Z,  Ultimate 57 is a great mic.

-Separate Bass, Treble, and  preamp Volume controls in the Chicago series.
 Masterfully tuned single tone control on the Delta Sonic 15 or DS20Pro series amps.
 And a remote mounted, *optional* Sonic-Booster, mini switch under the chassis for mic gain BOOST and tone shifting, if installed.

-Line Out jack with line out Level Control on top for easy access.
 A 1/4" direct line out jack on the Delta Sonic.
 Perfect for PA, recording or driving another amp located at the other end of the stage!!

-Tweed style cabinets are covered in dark olive twill tweed & coated with light amber tinted, nitro lacquer.
  However, other coverings can be made available.
  Solid pine carcass, finger jointed, with a high grade, floating plywood baffle board.
  The 1x12 combo, is ONLY available in the two tone, cream and brown/red vinyl cabinet.
A word from from Bruce Collins, the owner of Mission Amps and creator of the Mission Chicago Harp Amps:

The Chicago 32-20, Chicago 50 and new Delta Sonic 15 amps ARE NOT NOT just another Bassman or any other known modified guitar amp.
These are electric blues, harp amps, exclusively made for serious harp players!

 For these project amps, I used my many years of experience with real blues harpsmen, vintage vacuum tube amplifiers such as; old RCA, GE, Rawlings,
 Dukane P.A.s, Premier amps, Masco amps, early Ampeg amps, vintage Gibson amps, tweed Bassman, Bandmasters, the Super, Pro amps and many other
 vintage vacuum tube amps.
 However, the Mission Chicago and Delta Sonic 15 harp amps are not copies of any known amp.
 They are not another warmed over vintage guitar amp!
 These are true blue harp player's' amps, highly loaded with features and tunings dedicated to electrified harmonica players.

These are not bedroom or cheap practice amps!! Buy that junk from someone else.
They are new harp amp circuits, built for serious harp players... and these amps rip. 
Tone that will blow you away.

They have very broad, harp friendly bandwidths and gain structures that works well with many different microphones.
The amps are "harp" and "harp mic"  tuned, using all standard, easily found vacuum tubes...
there is no where to go but  ^UP^  with NOS tubes if a player is so inclined.
For various gain and tonal tunings, any 12AX7, 12AY7, 12AT7, 5751, 5965, 12AV7, or 12AU7 can be used in the preamp stage or stages.
With hot bullet mics, such as those from Blows me Away, these amps sound simply fabulous with a 12AY7 or 5751.
Even a 12DW7 may be used in the first preamp stage if you so desire.
Some players are finding with their style and mics the amp sounding better to them when using various preamp tubes so I encourage you to
experiment with preamp tube combinations... it will not effect the warranty nor can you hurt the amp at all by doing so!!
*Low impedance mics will need an inline matching transformer.*

The standard Chicago design uses two matched 6L6s power tubes, a reissue 5AR4/GZ34 or 5U4G rectifier and two standard 9 pin preamp tubes.
The standard Delta Sonic 15 uses two matched 6V6 power tubes and single 12AY7 preamp tube.
The powder coated Chicago chassis has a top mounted toggle switch to operate the power tubes in fixed bias or hotter cathode biasing.
The Delta Sonic 15 amps are available with either adjustable fixed bias or cathode bias power tubes but no switching for either bias mode.

Cathode biasing reduces the absolute output power by about 20%-25% but it has a greasier vintage tone and overdrive that is wonderful,
...while the cooler running, fixed bias setting allows the amp to make the most amount of absolute clean output power,and when set a little cooler, is more
feedback resistant and crunchier when driven harder.
All Mission Amps harmonica amps, with fixed bias, have adjustable fixed bias supplies so you may experiment with alternate bias voltages for various power tubes and or tonal shifts.
Fixed bias amps are also have a little more aggressive punch to them.

 Included on the Chicago top chassis:

On-Standby-Off switch,  Fuse, Pilot Lamp, a power stage sampling L.O.Line Out jack, with adjacent line out Level control,
Treble control,   Bass control,   Volume control, the exclusive; Mission "DEEP" switch and two input jacks,
a 4 Meg, high sensitivity jack and lower sensitivity jack.
The two input jacks can be wired as vintage Fender style, if the customer wants to blend two instruments or instrument and mic into the preamp.

Included on the Delta Sonic 15 top chassis:

On-Off switch, Fuse, Pilot lamp, a power stage sampling L.O. Line Out jack, vintage style Master Tone control,
Volume control and two input jacks, Hi and Lo sensitivity a +4 Mega Ohm, high sensitivity jack and a lower, 120K Ohm sensitivity jack.
Optionally, when ordered as such,  the two input jacks can be wired as vintage Fender style if the customer wants to blend two instruments or instrument and mic into the preamp.

Peak envelope power of the Delta Sonic 15 model is around 12-14 watts with two 6V6s and more with the fixed bias option.
If more power is desired,  over 20 watts with the fixed bias, +20 watt transformers Pro option installed in the DS15 chassis, called the DS20 Pro.

Chicago 32-20, 50:
The 5AR4/GZ34 and two 5881s or 6L6s in the standard Chicago 32-20 or 50 model ... nets you anywhere from
20 watts to +32 watts of "clean output power",
again, depending on the combinations and fixed bias or cathode bias.
The 50 watt model of course is even more powerful!

NOTE: The Chicago amp must be placed in standby before switching power tube biasing options!

Peak envelope power of the Chicago 32-20 model while in fixed bias, with two 6L6s and a GZ34/5AR4 rectifier, is about 38-40 watts.
Peak envelope power of the Chicago 50 model is around 60 watts with two 6L6s and a stiff GZ34/5AR4.

AMAZINGLY, however,  ... with the optional multi tap output transformer installed... a simple exchange of  the power tubes and rectifier tube in the Chicago 32-20 amps using two 6V6s and a NOS 5Y3GT or JJ5Y3 rectifier tube, the amp sounds wonderful at nearly half power (11w to 16w) 
and there is no bias to adjust... independent of fixed bias or cathode bias with this change!!

  Let me sate that again: 

Yes, the Chicago 32-20 amp with optional output transformer can be run with a NOS 5Y3GT rectifier tube and two matched 6V6s for about 11-16 watts output,
depending on which way you flip the power tube biasing switch and with no other changes.
It is Plug and Play.

When used with the 6L6 or 5881 type power tubes, you can also use any normal octal socket rectifier such as:
5Y3GT, 5R4, 5U4G, 5U4GB, 5V4G, 5V4GA, 5AR4, GZ30, GZ34 or  the supplied 5AR4, which is really a GZ34 too.
The combinations are many.
With any of these tube changes, this allows you to continue tweaking the amp's tone and power output to your liking .

We do not recommend using 6V6s with the Chicago 50 amp!

What fantastic flexibility this amp offers!! Who else offers all this?

  Mission Amps' DEEP switch:

Another superior custom feature of the new Chicago amp is the Mission, "Deep" switch.
In conjunction with the bass control, which increases bass and also cuts the harsh brittle/reedy high end when set very high,
the DEEP switch boosts the deep lows around 80Hz-350Hz (regardless of the harp's key). 
Those low-low mids and bass frequencies are right in the wheel house of the modern harp player's greasy, grunt tone.
Usable by everyone, this is also a fabulous feature for those single hole players!
 The new  Deep circuit doesn't boost the overall gain or volume too much, which could ruin the tone and the amp' s gain
structure if it was just a generic, broadband boost.
Nor does it boost the harsh top end at all... the result is the amp does not overdrive too soon with the deep boost engaged...
but it does fatten the tone by a very large amount!!
The circuit works similarly to an old fashioned "loudness" control, seen in vintage audio gear, but it is tuned for harp players and adds big bump in lower frequency roundness without adding unusable top end gain or harsh-buzzy treble!
The Delta Sonic amps are built with the Mission Amps "Deep" circuit engaged all the time... no switching.

  Chicago amps:
Under the chassis and next to the first preamp tube is a mini-toggle "Boost" switch that does in fact, boost or cut the overall broadband gain of the preamp
section by quite a bit, depending on which way you flip the switch. It is a three way switch for various levels of gain boosting and microphone matching.
This is a wonderful feature if you happen to have an overly powerful microphone where you just love the tone of it but, your favorite Mic's output signal causes any other amplifier previously used, to distort too soon.

These two features,  DEEP and BOOST are a "must have" for serious players using multiple microphones.

However, even after all this you still need the extra volume a PA provides in a large venue, another great feature of the Chicago 32-20, Chicago 50 or the Delta Sonic amps, is that they ALL have a built in Line Out.
An "Output transformer, power tube and speaker" tone sampling circuit, with a variable level, Line Out control in the Chicago series amps.
Any standard 1/4 inch instrument cable can be connected to the chassis mounted line out jack so the amp can be plugged into your PA's high impedance input or even another guitar amp! If an XLR or snake is used, get an inexpensive DI, direct box for best results.
The max audio output through the line out jack is about 800mvac, so, with careful use,  it can drive any normal power or previously used combo amp to crazy loud levels if that is desired.

Contact me via email if you have any questions and I will be glad to talk about it.

Bruce Collins
Mission Amps
Mission Amps, Denver, CO (303) 955-2412