All about Mission Amps

Bruce Collins has been on a mission and involved with, Hollow State, high voltage 
vacuum tube electronics for about 45 years.
He built his first vacuum tube amplifier when he was 13 years old; a Heathkit hi-fi amp.
Since then he has built, repaired and refurbished thousands of new and vintage vacuum tube amps for many happy customers all over the world.

Although starting in a home shop in 1979, Bruce honed his skills and ears for many years before opening Mission Amps in Denver, CO in 1989, and he has developed a world wide reputation as one of the elite tone experts in the industry. He is known for his ability to coax full, lush tone from his hand-wired, point-to-point circuits. He is also known for selling these beautiful amps at a reasonable cost.
You can pay a LOT more, but you cannot buy finer-sounding tube amplifiers.

Bruce is famous for tweaking old Fender amps; creating “sleeper” amps that may look normal
but scream with fat tone when pushed.
He revolutionized the vacuum tube amp industry with his amp kits, inspired by those first
Heathkit projects when he was a young lad.
His "build your own" 5E3 Deluxe Kits are now legendary; they started it all.

Bruce Collins personally builds every Mission Chicago 32-20 Harp amp.
He is totally involved
in all phases of construction from selecting every component, cutting, driling and populating the eyelet boards to soldering every part... working his magic to the final conclusion.
He tests and listens to each individual amp. They are not released until he is happy.
All finished amps are full feature tested by a pro player and guaranteed for three years.

Every amp is truly hand crafted and built one amp at a time, by a master amp builder who is devoted to tone.

Mission Amps, Denver, CO (303) 955-2412