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NOTE: Very, very sorry but due to some cabinet delays from the cabinet shop at Mojo Musical Supply, all our amplifiers are running about 15 days LATER then originally projected.
These delays are out of our control and no pressure from us has been able to force an early delivery.
They have promised to get their orders fulfilled as soon as possible.
Please keep this in mind.


  • There is NO trial period and there is a firm NO return policy.
  • All sales and deposits are FINAL.
  • Deposits and payments are Non refundable and amps are Non returnable.
  • Mission Amps is not a large corporate chain store selling mass produced, low quality products.
  • Our amplifiers are finely, hand crafted, one of a kind and are capable of supreme tone and dynamics, delivering a Pro quality sound.
  • Tone is extremely subjective and skill levels with players varies wildly.  An owner must bring something to the party!
  • In any event, if for some unlikely and unforseen reason a return is allowable by Mission Amps, any returns will be subject to a minimum of a 15% restocking fee.
  • If you do not agree with this policy then do not buy our products.







A 50% deposit in a:
Money or U.S. Postal Money Order, Personal Check, Bank or Teller's Check
is required to place and hold your order in line for any amp purchase.

Shipping, handling and insurance are not included in the listed amplifier prices and will be added at a later before shipping.
The final payment will be due about one week to ten days before the amp is shipped.

Due to the tremendous response on these amps, delivery times are running about 60 days.

Remember, all amps are handmade, one at a time, from the ground up!

So, please be patient. Harassing us won't make the amp build any faster and doing so will simply result in a deposit refund and complete loss of place holding...

We can discuss the actual amp's options at any time up to two weeks before final assembly.

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